I remember when I walked into the art supply store nearby determined to buy a calligraphy pen. It was about 3 years ago.       I thought it would be easy. I’ll just find the right one, head on home, start writing and all will be well. Well, it wasn’t that easy.
I entered the store and saw thousands of different nibs in front of me. I took so long searching for my perfect nib (without even knowing what I was looking for in my perfect nib) that the saleswoman thought I was stealing and politely asked me to leave. But I didn’t quit! I returned the next day, bought 10 different nibs along with everything else I needed and returned home, which is where I was confronted with problem #2. I had no idea how to write with it! So I started learning. All by myself. It took a lot of time and effort. Hours of writing, months of practicing and years of learning.  Slowly my love for design, calligraphy and watercolor transformed into designing wedding invitations. So here I am. Showing my work to the whole world. I still can’t believe it!

This is me who can’t live without caffeine and daily dose of cuddling with my boo and my doggo Ru. Me who is usually rather home alone, drinking ginger tea and listening to Aretha Franklin than being in company. I have a crush on rose gold and you’ll probably only see me in black clothes. Eyeliner is my thing since primary school and I can’t stand the taste of vanilla. If you ever want to surprise me, just bring me some flowers.

Now it’s your turn!